Bartosz Bartmanski


I am a bioinformatician at Maria Zimmermann-Kogadeeva’s group at European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Heidelberg. Previously, I was a research software engineer at Julio Saez-Rodriguez’s group at the Joint Research Center for Computational biomedicine, while my PhD was at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford on “Efficient methods for simulating stochastic reaction-diffusion models on evolving domains” under the supervision of Prof. Ruth Baker.

My previous work has mostly focused on developing software for simulation and analysis of stochastic reaction-diffusion systems on evolving domains. More recently, I have focused on using machine learning approaches to predict and analyse mass spectrometry data. Overall, I am interested in developing and applying mathematical and computational tools to provide insight of phenomena in different disciplines.

I am also passionate in promoting good software development practices such as:

  • unit-testing
  • continuous integration
  • clear and extensive documentation